Au Pair Weekly Stipend

The current minimum weekly au pair stipend is $195.75 per week.

The calculation used to determine the minimum au pair stipend amount is a combination of the federal minimum wage as well as a room and board allowance.  The exact calculation used to determine the minimum weekly stipend is as follows:

Minimum wage amount x 45 hours – 40% (room and board allowance) = minimum au pair stipend amount.

On May 24th, 2007, Congress approved the first increase in the federal minimum wage in nearly a decade.  In July of 2009, the third and final increase to the minimum wage changed the minimum stipend to $195.75 where it will remain until further notice.

All Cultural Care Au Pair literature and agreements stipulate that host families comply with all regulations; therefore, adherence to these changes is required of all program participants.

Each week thousands of au pairs across the country receive their stipend from their host family.  Some are paid in cash and others are paid via check. Whatever the preferred method of payment, it is critical that au pairs receive this stipend each and every week.  While things are going well between the family and au pair, you may never hear a word from either party regarding the stipend.  However, in the event of a transition, an accusation regarding unpaid stipend is usually one of the first issues to emerge.

For everyone’s protection, it’s a great idea for families and au pairs to develop a “receipt” system to confirm payment from the host family and receipt of payment to the au pair each and every week.  This way, if there’s ever a dispute, both parties can refer to the receipt book for clarification.  This protects the family in having a record of payment that the au pair has signed off on and it protects the au pair because they can be assured that their payments have been carefully recorded.

In addition, if a host family ever gives an au pair a holiday or birthday gift in the form of cash, this should be recorded as well so it is clear to everyone that this was a gift and cannot be determined later to have been a stipend payment.  Any exchange of money between family and au pair should be carefully recorded and signed off by both parties.  It may seem like extra administration that host families and au pairs may resist, but any LCC who has been brought in to a dispute about an unpaid stipend can tell you, this kind of practice will save countless arguments and protects everyone in the long run.

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